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Class Descriptions

All Levels Welcome


This is a class suitable to all levels, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental building blocks of the poses. We begin slowly to help ease the transition from the rest of the day so that we can bring more awareness to the movement of breath in the body. We will flow slowly and mindfully through sun salutations and playful sequences to encourage full body opening. Each class will be anchored by a deep release restorative posture and still reflection meditation.


The best of both worlds. This class seeks to create a state of harmonious balance in the practitioner through both dynamic and flowing series of postures as well as ample time for deeply focused stretching in stillness. Expect to take with you a feeling of wholeness and peace.


Our practice of long held passive postures (3-7 min holds) that are designed to target the deeper connective tissues, in particular the webbing of fascial tissue that permeates the entire body. Staying low to the ground and using props as support, we learn that by keeping our muscles relaxed we are able to release the accumulation of stress and stagnated energy in our joints. With targeted awareness for the spine and hips, we can greatly increasing our range of motion and create ease in the more dynamic and vigorous styles of yoga and physical activity. An inward-diving practice, the time we spend in the postures provides a bridge and pathway to meditation and self-study. With an emphasis on yin/yang theory and yoga philosophy, this class will give you the space and time to find the balance you seek.

Hatha Therapeutics

This classical yoga class blends yoga therapy, optimal alignment, breath-led flow, pranayama and meditation. Each class will be structured with an exploration of a specifically chosen posture. There will also be dedicated time and space for breath work and the introduction of mindfulness based meditation technique. The class will be anchored by sweet and deep restorative postures. This class serves as a platform for spiritual growth, launching the practitioner into a deeper realm of health and healing.


This class is the ideal antidote for the busy and often stressful lives we lead. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the opportunity to switch from a state of ‘doing’ to a state of simply “being”. With an intention of supporting the entire organism through rest, we will yield the body with the assistance of multiple props and the luxury of time. This practice of global release is passive and nourishing, calming the nervous system and promoting deep healing. Ideal for students who are recovering from illness and injury or who may have experienced a lapse in their physical practice. Lovingly come back to yourself through a process of replenishment and rejuvenation.

Private Yoga Sessions

The practice of yoga is most beneficial when experienced one on one through the cultivation of a trusted and supportive teacher-student relationship. There is not a single yoga style or practice that will suit all students – we need to find our own practice and discover the yoga that will support us individually. Whether you are looking to start or deepen a home practice; seeking greater knowledge of how specific postures can work for your body; or creating a reflective space for mentorship and guidance with a respected teacher, one of the following private sessions may be exactly what you have been looking for.

Solo Flow: A personalized and uniquely structured led practice in the comfort of your own home or chosen space. Suited for students with some yoga experience, this practice will encourage a balance between building strength and increasing flexibility. Hands-on adjustments will be provided throughout the session.

Solo Slow Flow: A gentle and nurturing low to the ground practice, focusing on seated and reclining postures. Ideal for students of all levels and those working with physical limitations.

Solo Workshop: A customized and focus session to explore a specific posture or question arising from your personal practice. There will be time dedicated to warming the body up, diagnostic analysis of body mechanics and follow-up exercises to support your ongoing learning.

Solo Therapeutic: This session will address your specific concerns and goals for creating a yoga practice to heal the body, the mind and the heart. Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain and discomfort, looking to reverse the effects of stress anxiety and depression, or returning to a natural state of balance and health after injury, illness or trauma – this session will provide you with the opportunity to take responsibility for your own healing process. You will be provided with a detailed outline and path for a home practice that is accessible, easy to commit to and most importantly, deeply nourishing.

Create your own class!

What does your ideal yoga class look like? Let’s work together to design the optimal practice for you. I can help you design a self-led or group yoga retreat; accompany you on the road so that you can take your yoga with you when traveling for work; or create a friends and family yoga party in your basement or backyard, followed by a blissed out social gathering over kombucha, fresh juices and superfood treats. The possibilities are plentiful and I’d be more than happy to explore them with you.

Corporate and Group Classes available – please contact for rates and scheduling options.

Rates from $95/hour. Please contact for further information on sliding scale rates and discounted package options.