The “Rest of the Summer” Schedule and Amazing Subs!

It has been so lovely to be in town for much of this month! A big thank you to all of my students who have exercised such graceful yogic patience and compassion with my somewhat sporadic summer schedule. It has been incredible to share with you the beauty and strength building yang classes of late. Let’s continue to soak up the dazzling rays of summer sun and take our practice off the mats and into the parks, onto the beaches – reaching our arms to the sun and sky and feeling the earth beneath our feet.

I will be away from all of my classes next week, August 19-22. There are also a few dates in September where I will be away as I make my annual pilgrimage to my spiritual home, Joshua Tree in California for Bhaktifest 2013. Here is the list of exceptionally talented and generous teachers who I am so grateful to for taking on my classes during this time period. Enjoy their inspired teachings and offerings.

Aug 19th:
Hatha I/II @ TYS College (Maggie McDonald)

Aug 20th:
Yin/Yang @ TYS Danforth (Sunny Smith)
Yin @ Kula (Suz Lill)

Aug 21st:
Hatha Therapeutics @ TYS Danforth (David Good)

Aug 22nd:
Restorative @ TYS Danforth (Jill Newberry-Evans)
Yin @ TYS College (Maggie McDonald)

Sept 5th:
Hatha Therapeutics @ TYS Danforth (Joanna Morrison)

Sept 6th:
Restorative @ TYS Danforth (Joanna Morrison)
Yin @ TYS College (Paige Hillier)

Sept 9th:
Hatha I/II @ TYS College (Elizabeth Palermo)

Sept 12th:
Yin @ TYS College (Paige Hillier)